Microwscrews are small metal screw which is inserted through the gum into the jaw bone to act as an anchor to help move poorly positioned teeth. Some people also call them mini-implants or temporary anchorage devices (TADs).

In order to move poorly positioned teeth, the other surrounding teeth usually provide a stable support for the force applied by the brace. It is not always possible to use these teeth and sometimes the force may cause the wrong teeth to move. In such cases, a microscrew can be used to act as an ‘anchor’ to help with straightening your teeth and closing up gaps.

How will a Microscrew be placed

  • A microscrew can be placed at any time during your brace treatment.
  • Local anesthetic is used to numb the gum. You may also be asked to use an anti-bacterial mouthwash.
  • A hole may be drilled into the jaw first to insert the screw or it may be gently inserted directly into the bone. You may experience an odd pressure sensation as the screw is inserted.
  • If needed a plastic device is used as a guide to help place the screw in exactly the right position.
  • A brace can be attached to the mini-screw either straight away or at a later visit in order to start tooth movement.
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