Caring For Invisalign

One of Invisalign’s biggest advantages is having the ability to take the aligners out to eat and drink - but that doesn't mean they don't get dirty. Keeping your aligners clean is a vital part of your treatment, and it's the only way to keep them invisible, odorless, and free from germs. Without conscientious care and cleaning, you aligners can discolor, smell, and build up deposits of plaque and bacteria that can erode away at the enamel of your teeth.

Thankfully, caring for them is easy. Just follow these simple Do's and Don'ts when wearing Invisalign:


  • Rinse Every Time: Any time you take your aligners out of your mouth, rinse them thoroughly under running water. This will rinse away bacteria, saliva, and food particles.
  • Soak Regularly: Invisalign offers specialized cleaning crystals to soak your aligners in regularly.
  • Clean Your Teeth: Proper care isn't just about clean aligners - your teeth need to stay clean, too! Be sure to brush and floss your teeth regularly to prevent buildup of plaque and bacteria under the aligners.
  • Use Clear, Anti-Bacterial Soft Soap: This is a great way to keep your aligners free of bacteria and plaque.
  • Brush Carefully: Ideally, you want to brush them every time you take them out or put them back in - but be careful, as overzealous brushing can leave visible marks and scratches.


  • Eat or Drink: Foods and colored drinks can stain your aligners and leave an unpleasant smell, so stick with water while you're wearing them.
  • Use Toothpaste: Toothpaste is great for your teeth, but it can harm your aligners. When you brush them, do so gently and without paste.
  • Use Scented or Colored Soap: Using anything but clear soap with aligners can cause them to stain.


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